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10 Places To Visit In Shimla You Can’t Afford To Miss

The surrounding mountains are lush green and snowcapped. Land of snow-clad mountains old-world architecture and endless tourist places and activities Shimla is one of the most popular tourist places in India. The history of this beautiful city starts from the 18th century when the British army defeated the British and occupied the region. You can check the best time to visit Shimla before visiting.

10 Places To Visit In Shimla You Can't Afford To Miss 

Here is the list of Famous Places to Visit in Shimla

The Ridge of Shimla

Mall Road Ridge Institute of Advancement and Jakhu Temple in Shimla are famous places to visit. The Ridge is also known as Scandal Point. This candle point is situated in the heart of Shimla city. From here, the green valleys of Shimla, the peaks of the snowy hills, everything is visible. Sunset and Sunrise also look very beautiful from this point; the shining sun from here attracts a lot of eyes. There is also a famous library at this Ridge Point.


Kufri is located 1900 kilometers away from Shimla. In the local language, Kufri means lake. Kufri is thus an acronym of the word Kufri. There is also a zoo in Kufri, where many types of Himalayan fauna are found, from rare Himalayan antelope birds to other types of fauna. As one of the most beautiful entertainment destinations in the world, it is located in the middle of the snow-capped Himalayas.

Green Valley

Green Valley is an extremely beautiful and breathtaking Shimla mountain range. This falls from Shimla at the place of Kufri. This magnificent valley brings peace to the heart of every tourist visiting Shimla. For those who are troubled by pollution, constant traffic and noise, this valley is a very relaxing place. This valley is surrounded by beautiful hills from all sides. The hills are surrounded by deodar and birch trees from all sides. Some walks in this valley are also seen wandering and jogging. The site chosen for the lodge was on the hill of the Observatory Peak, believed to be the second-highest point in Shimla. This Laj was constructed from Grape Sandstone and Light Blue Limestone. The Viceroy’s Laj was not just an architectural attraction building.

Jakhoo Hill Shimla

8000 feet above sea level, the Jakhu Hill lies in the Himalayas. And its distance is about 1 kilometer from the ridge. Jakhu Hill is the highest peak of Shimla, due to which the most powerful Himalayas and beautiful snow peaks can be seen from here. The famous Jakhu temple is also situated on this hill. The word Jakhu is derived from Yaksha, a character from mythology who protects the treasures of the gods. This hill trekking is a very beautiful place for the tourist fond of exciting activities.


Chail is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh. The city of Chail is known for its scenic beauty and its forests. The city of Chail is very famous for its architecture. Chail is connected by Shimla district headquarters. There are many places to visit in the jail, out of which the Palace Chail Cricket Ground, Kala Tibba, and Hanuman Mandir are quite famous. Chail is also considered a very famous city for its architecture.

Himalayan Bird Park

Shimla’s Himalayan Bird Park is situated at an altitude of more than 2000 meters. This bird park is located opposite VK Regal Laj. This place is a wonderful place for nature lovers, where one experiences a variety of rare plants and trees as well as lush green pastures. A very large group of birds such as peacock pheasant and Himalayan mineral are found here. We can also see a group of exotic birds in this park. The atmosphere of this Himalayan Park provides great relaxation to our souls. Apart from watching the birds, we can also enjoy the fresh air in this park. The group of different types of birds here gives great pleasure to the bird watchers as well as the wildlife photographers. Due to the lush green pastures in the park, this place is also considered a beautiful place for nature lovers. Summertime is considered to be the best time to visit Himalayan Bird Park as the place gets covered with snow in winters.

Christ Church:

This Christchurch located in Shimla is considered to be the oldest church in the northern part of India. It was constructed during the period from 1846 to 1856. Viewed from the ridge, the windows of the church appear to be adorned with beautiful glasses and pieces of brass. This church was designed by Colonel G. T. Boileau. The clock on the pillar of the church was installed in 1860. The first stage church in this hilly area was St. Michael’s Cathedral. The stone carvings and colored glass windows give a very splendid touch to this beautiful church. During the colonial era, British officials and rewarded people used to offer prayers in this church.

Viceregal lodge

Shimla’s Viceregal Lodge is commonly known as Rashtrapati Bhavan. The reference dates back to the era from independence to the mid-1960s when Indian presidents made their summer retreats at this lodge. And rainwater was collected on the lawn in front of the house. Hidden in the grounds was a large steam generator that provided the lodge with electric lighting, the first such building in Shimla. When India gained independence in 1947, the Laj became the summer vacation residence of the Presidents of India.

Summer Hill

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is located in the distant suburb of Summer Hill, at an elevation of 2,123 meters. Located on a hill in a seven-hill cluster, it is about 5 km west of Shimla Ridge. Summer Hill is surrounded by visitors from all over the country for its calm and pleasant atmosphere. The dense forests here are very famous for coming in contact with nature and enjoying the wildlife and flora here. The White Mountains and the white clouds rising high here bring great relief to the eyes of the tourist.

Chadwick Falls

When the waterfalls are in the form of a waterfall from a height of about 100 meters amidst the serene forest of deodar, the heart-touching view stops everyone’s steps. There are many such picturesque scenes in Devbhoomi. One such waterfall is in the capital Shimla, which is known as Chadwick Falls.

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