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Understand these classes before you register a trademark in India

Understand these classes before you register a trademark in India
 Understand these classes before you register a trademark in India

Trademark is a type of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that companies can use to protect a brand and legally distinguish their products and services from competitors in the market.

It has 45 separate classes, according to the fourth schedule of the Trademark Rules, 2002. 34 of these 45 classes specify products, while the remaining 11 define service categories.

Trademark registration can be done online and when you register a trademark, it assures a distinct personality in the marketplace, setting you apart from your competitors and making it easy for your customers to pick your brand.

Product Classes to register a trademark


Goods category

Class 1

Chemicals used in industry, forest, photography, chemical substances for foodstuff preservations, adhesive, unprocessed artificial resins and plastics.

Class 2

Paints, varnishes, lacquers, natural resins, metals in powder form, decorators.

Class 3

Cleaning and polishing, soaps, perfume, bleach for laundry, essential oils, cosmetics, and hair lotions.

Class 4

Oil, grease, and lubricants; candles and wicks, wetting and binding composition.

Class 5

Pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary products, food for babies, medical dressing material, teeth material, dental wax.

Class 6

All the metal material that includes building, railway tracks, non-electric cables and wires, pipes and tubes.

Class 7

Machine and machine tools excluding land vehicles, incubators for eggs.

Class 8

Hand-operated tools, cutlery, and razors.

Class 9

Computer equipment, scientific appliances, software, vending machines, cash registers, fire extinguishers.

Class 10

Apparatus for medical and dental surgery, and artificial limbs.

Class 11

Lighting and heating apparatus, cooking, refrigerating, dry ventilation, sanitary instruments.

Class 12

Apparatus for a land vehicle, air, water.

Class 13

Explosive substances such as ammunition, fireworks and projectiles.

Class 14

Jewelry, precious metals and stones.

Class 15

Musical instruments.

Class 16

Stationery items including paper, cardboard, paintbrush, paper apparatus such as printer, typewriter and plastic material for packaging.

Class 17

Rubber, gum, asbestos, mica, goods, flexible pipes, seals, waterproofing and moisture proofing articles.

Class 18

Made of leather material and not included in other classes, animal skins, travelling bags, umbrellas, and walking sticks.

Class 19

Non-metallic materials for building, rigid pipes, asphalt, pitch and bitumen.

Class 20

Furniture, mirror, shell, ivory, photo-frame, reed, cane and substitutes of these materials.

Class 21

Household and kitchen utensils, brushes making materials, combs and sponges.

Class 22

Sacks and bags, paddling and stuffing materials, ropes, strings, net, raw fibrous textile materials.

Class 23

Yarns and threads for textile.

Class 24

Textile goods such as blankets, fabrics, table covers.

Class 25

Clothing, footwear and headgear.

Class 26

Ribbons and braids, buttons, lace and embroidery, pins and needles, and artificial flowers.

Class 27

Wall hangings, carpets, rugs, mats, linoleum and materials that cover floors.

Class 28

Gymnastics and sporting, games and playthings and decorations for Christmas trees.

Class 29

Edible oils and fats, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, milk products, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables.

Class 30

Flour, bread, pastry, coffee, sugar, tea, cocoa, honey, treacle, yeast, salt, mustard, spices.

Class 31

Products used in agriculture, horticultural, live animals, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, natural plants and flowers.

Class 32

Aerated water, beer and non-alcoholic drinks, fruit juices.

Class 33

All the alcoholic beverages excluding beers.

Class 34

Tobacco, smokers and matches.

11 classes defining service categories to register a trademark


Service Category

Class 35

All the services related to advertising, business management, consultant, administration, office, advisory, commercial trading and consumer information.

Class 36

Insurance, financial, loan and credit, real estate, currency trading, and valuation service.

Class 37

Construction repairing and cleaning, oil extraction, installation, windows and blinds, extermination, disinfection, and pest control.

Class 38

Communication and broadcasting service, computer communication, website content and portals.

Class 39

Transport, courier and mail delivery, freight and cargo transportation, packaging and food storage, car transport.

Class 40

Material treatment, leather and fur, air and water purification, energy production, textile.

Class 41

Education, entertainment, gambling, sports and cultural activity, amusement, translation and interpretation.

Class 42

Scientific and technological, IT and data coding, research and design, computer hardware and software development.

Class 43

Temporary accommodations in hostel, hotel, and boarding houses, tourist accommodation, rental and furniture, linens and table settings.

Class 44

Medical services, hygienic and beauty care, agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry service, veterinary service.

Class 45

Personal and social services that include all legal, astrological, and spiritual.


The above trademark classes list down the goods and services based on different industries. Many times, companies register a trademark for their brands under the multi-class category if their products or services fall in more than one category of trademark classes. Here is a detailed guide on the multi-class trademark application. It’s always a wise option to seek professional help with such matters. Get the best legal advice from experts at LegalWiz.in to identify the trademark registration classes of your business.