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2020 transpired ever as 1 year of changes and great efforts, both with the social and business spheres. With the appearance of 2021, Human Resources (HR) experts had to leverage the new tools tools of the new era to create increased productivity and improve people management. If you’ve always wondered the style the HR trends would be in 2022 , keep reading.

What were the HR trends in 2021?

2021 was marked by digitization like for example all business areas , but, mainly, with the acquisition and group talent, onboarding and worker experience, employer branding or employer branding, etc.

1. Onboarding digital

Digital transformation, which many organisations had begun long ago, needed to be accelerated 2009 to adapt to an occasion when face-to-face presence was conspicuous by its absence. I thought this was seen with the selection processes, however had far greater affect on the  integration of recent employees  in the workforce.

Digital  onboarding processes  implement tools just like virtual reality or artificial intelligence that, although until recently people were only utilized for leisure, manage to transmit corporate culture very effectively. This allows newcomers to quickly get up to date, learn their roles, and integrate into the corporate structure.

Likewise, the effective use of technology and e-learning was increased to present online training opportunities for employees.

2. Remote team management

2021 was marked by its management of remote teams , which would be a huge challenge for business management. Although during this 2022 spending budget some organizations who’ve returned to your offices, 2009 was still being scarred by teleworking.

I thought this was an activity that, although it may look simple, entails great challenges just like making sure personal ties usually aren’t affected, giving space to workers, rewarding flexibility and trusting all team members.

3. Telecommuting management

Even as already have mentioned in the earlier point, the human beings resources trends in 2021 were marked by teleworking. That it was about the most repeated words operational environments throughout our geography; but what made it happen actually mean and still mean for people the cause of HR?

Aside from generating a time control over the important day, HR must take care of the mental health with the workers, otherwise we would be facing about the most terrible consequences of forced teleworking. Just for this , you need to provide tools to get through stress  and facilitate conciliation for people employees with gone on in order to their tasks from home. It is really important to make certain digital disconnection once when real is finished and provides meeting times which can be adapted to your situations associated with every employee.

4. Implementation of new work models

Teleworking is not truly the only novelty during the last year. Along by it came a lot more flexible models that combine face-to-face with remote work , modifications to company facilities or there are location. Amongst the challenges towards the HR departments would be to provide employees with flexible management and health of their work schedules and a choice of choosing the spot assuming that the objectives associated with every position are met.

These hybrid models represent a  competitive advantage in the  company’s offer. Although, in fact, this improvement really need to be accompanied by the desired resources to make it a real option for workers.

5. Promotion of internal talent

Another trend which were very present in the recruiting departments of all kinds of companies could be the enhancement of human capital.Processes such as  re-skilling  and  up-skilling of profiles  encourage the development of a qualified career within the seller, making sure workers adapt to the popular needs of once and valuing their abilities beyond academic knowledge.

6. Endomarketing is strengthened

Good previous point, we mention that during 2021 companies also started to strengthen the so-called ‘endomarketing’ or internal marketing. Ecommerce strategy, using the employee experience, tries to choose the worker for a “client” of the seller.Initiatives were performed to comprehend the worker, reward his commitment and effort, highlight his worth and, ultimately, strengthen relationships with the interior team. The reason for this practice between HR and Marketing should be to motivate, retain and match the worker, thus reducing turnover or staff turnover.

7. New degrees and new professionals

Finally, in 2009, the HR departments continued to detect the changes and requirements of the joy of work. Its objective would be to attract and select the popular professionals which can be born from the popular degrees that will be developed with the university environment.

Let’s wait and watch below what the heck is expected of the new year in the business enterprise and the style the HR trends are expected to be in 2022.

The big trends in HR for 2022

As with 2021, that it was marked by digitization, digital transformation and remote team management; In 2022, companies are going to need to look at employees and their well-being on the job to offer the organization’s talent and minimize turnover.

1. Employee experience

Even as already have anticipated, companies are going to need to focus on the workers. What is recognized as employee experience might take a large amount of force , understanding this idea as the expertise of the worker with the organization. This experience is influenced by anyone interactions that appear in the relationship with the seller, before, during and right after the professional relationship.

Therefore, for the worker experience that should be satisfactory, companies have got to establish models to get through the relationships that are written between their employees. Just for this, you need to know the worker, value his work and value it by regarding the worker in all areas with the company. To fnd out if this course is succeeding, it might be important for companies to establish measurement parameters that enable successes that should be detected, possible improvements that should be implemented and tasks that should be prioritized.

2. Team building and work well-being

Good previous point, another trend in recruiting is that concentrated on increasing the well-being of workers at work. Companies will need to define and implement plans and methods concentrated on personnel management. Employee well-being is of great importance not just to the workers themselves, but to the entire organization. The more satisfaction with the staff additionally,the more at ease they feel with the work environment, the harder their performance, motivation and productivity will be.

It is important to promote an optimal working environment, improve conditions and recognition of employees , promote career plans and internal promotion, bet on labor flexibility, etc… with the use of strengthening the integrity with the worker with the company.

3. Upskilling y reskilling

To foster a feeling of belonging in the seller and boost employee well-being, the seller has strategies just like upskilling and reskilling which i already have said about in in the past posts. However, this particular training is additionally being a key HR trend in 2022.Human Resources departments must take this particular strategy under consideration when picking talent, with the use of reducing hiring costs, taking advantage of internal company opportunities and strengthening employer branding and internal career plans.

4. HR Analytics

This 2022, companies should look at learning more with what is going on on their organization to glimpse successes and possible improvements.Just for this, special attention will be paid to HR Analytics or even the People Analytics methodology.

As we look at HR Analytics we take a look at data analysis projects that enable the Human Resources department to know what is going on in the corporation and predict what will happen later in life through a number of indicators or KPIs.Here are a few of the main advantages of performing HR Analytics projects:

Establish the status with the company.

Anticipate what may happen with the future.

Making decisions are greater criteria and security.

Promote preventive measures and help improve business management, time savings and money.

Draw conclusions influenced by data.

Detect alerts and problems before and also establish progress plan.

With these KPI’s it might be possible to appraise the performance with the workers, to know their motivation, their productivity and to know, one example is, risking potential labor turnover, etc.

These are a few of the benefits of implementing People Analytics projects , however,if you’ve always wondered more regarding it term, our recommendation is that you take a look at this post on our blog.


5. Work flexibility

Another of the magic formula recruiting trends for 2022 is hybrid work that combines face-to-face be employed in offices with remote work.Those companies that plan to attract young talent and gaze after engagement with the team must take which you cannot use under consideration as well as have strategies that promote labor flexibility (both hours and work modality) and bet on the building and strengthening of softskills and digital skills.

6. Boosting diversity

Likewise, 2022 might be a year covered with the implementation of strategies concentrated on diversity, equality and labor inclusion. The Human Resources departments will bet on policies in favor of labor diversity, effective measures to get rid of down social barriers and discriminatory models which do not allow equal access to the world of be employed by reasons of sex, age, race, religion…

In summary, quite as 2021 was the year of digitization and digital transformation, even as we already have seen, HR trends are concentrated on people. The HR departments will focus their efforts on implementing strategies to improve well-being additionally,the work culture and, therefore, the retention of personnel in order to achieve a far more competitive company with greater business growth.

Now that you know the style the recruiting trends would be in 2022, do not forget- should you need help building your employer brand , managing young talent, recruiting interns or developing training strategies, the University-Company Foundation can lend a hand.

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