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Arthur bets on Jade’s elimination at BBB22: “There’s no way”


Arthur Aguiar is facing his fourth wall at BBB22 and declared that it is the first time he is feeling confident. Despite being facing Jessi and Jade , his great rival within the game , the actor gave her to understand that he believes in the possibility of the influencer leaving the program this Tuesday, mainly because of the speech he made for his permanence, which many found it appealing .

“ I’m really confident and I think her speech was very appealing, there’s no way it didn’t go wrong ”, declared Arthur in conversation with Douglas Silva , Gustavo and Paulo André . “ It is false humility. Can you donate 1 million and a half? Show! “, completed the curitibano, who even talked about it in the Game of Discord on Monday .

Even so, Arthur recognizes that Jade can be a strong participant. During the chat, he also recalled the conversation he had with Laís . “ This is a game of ‘guess’. ‘There are two people who are against me. I think she is stronger than you.’ I told Laís. Then she: ‘do you think I’m weak?’. And I said: ‘You’re not weak, I just think she’s stronger than you ,’ said the brother.

However, it is worth mentioning that the actor came to call Jade overrated recently and that the fame of a good player existed for no reason. “ She won some tests, I also won (…) She never made any great moves ”, said the brother in a conversation with Lucas . ” She is overrated, she didn’t come back from a wall, she was contradictory, she stabbed her in the back “, he added.

Is Arthur ‘s prediction right and Jade will leave BBB22 ? Not to miss anything, just stay connected here on POPline .

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