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Huda Beauty Cosmetic

Huda Beauty Cosmetic
Huda Beauty Cosmetic

Huda Kattan is a well-known virtuoso makeup expert living in America. She has a profuse Knowledge of hair, fashion and skincare. She with her elder sister Mona Kattan was the pioneer of the Huda beauty cosmetic industry. Her sister was one of the heroines in her successful businesswoman journey. She was also recommended by Forbes and the most influential beauty products queen in the fashion industry. She became zero to hero in five years hectic and challenging journey. She set an example for women entrepreneurs that you are not a piety creature when you stick with your goal and work hard. 


In April 2010, Huda Kattan move one step forward and commenced a YouTube channel, fashion blogs on social media. In the fashion industry, she was deeply rooted and earned fame on multiple platforms by her fantabulous beauty enhancing products. In 2021, she crossed 4 million subscribers on Instragram and u tube by proving her remarkable art. Her YouTube channel is inundated with makeup tutorials, skincare tips and reviews on enormous products.


The maiden product which launched was fake eyelashes released through Sephora in 2015. The Kardashian sisters triggered an early publicity boost to Huda beauty products, especially fake eyelashes. In December 2017, the brand received a small amount of investment from TSG consumer partners. The company made record selling and generate huge revenue by its products


The maiden Huda beauty product was fake eyelashes offered by Sephora in Dubai in 2011. Huda brand offers more than 120 products  To followers and brand lovers. There is a Wide range of lipsticks shades, a variety of Palettes and fake eyelashes. Products are Not only within pocket budget but also Made up of highly wholesome ingredients. The cost of fake eyelashes offered by the Brand is only 35 dollars in Australia.


The cost of Huda beauty cosmetic products is under the budget relative to the other products residing in the market. Some argue that the products are expensive and they are far beyond the range of an ordinary beauty girl. Fine artists prefer to use Huda beauty ravishing products because of high-quality ingredients’- However, the cost of products might vary i.e. Huda beauty foundation products put up for sale at 65 Australian dollars in Australian Sephora mall on the other hand the same foundation offers in 50 dollars by Fenty beauty running by Rihanna.


The design of Huda beauty products is the best among all the other brands. There is a special sort of material used in product manufacturing. According to my experience, fake eyelashes are the Best Huda beauty cosmetic design. The shape of bottles and the design on it is tempting and seem attractive to the customers. 


The most appreciative product in the market industry is their fake eyelashes which also show the record sale in 2021. If we talk about the foundation and of the eye shadow palette there are also playing a significant role in the market sale. Foundation makeup is in such a way that every skin tone could easily show maximum results. The Texture of eye shadow pallet is extremely remarkable.

Award and recognition

 In 2016, Huda Kattan was nominated as the digital innovator of the year and in 2021 she won the entrepreneurial game-changer of the year by glamour magazine. The Huda beauty false eyelashes break the glass ceiling in the cosmetic industry and are also one of the fake eyelashes in the whole industry.


Huda Beauty is among the best-selling brand in the Sephora in the Middle East and deepens its root in Harrods in London. The industry shows about 445 billion worth in the sales market. The sales hit the skies when the marketing of the product was considered by multiple small businesses. This phenomenal brand spent a huge amount on marketing because it is one of the significant points to prevail business growth. A key driver of mushrooming in business is social media platforms like YouTube, Instragram, Pinterest and Facebook.


  • June 2020: After the assassination of George Floyd, Huda Beauty donated $500,000 to the NAACP
  • June 2020: Huda Beauty supported foreign doctors (MSF) by matching the donations made through the Huda Beauty website, with their donation having $150,000 dollars in matched funds to the Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 Relief Fund.


  1. March 2021: Huda Kattan & Huda Beauty starts petition for beauty brands to disclose when they’ve retouched or edited their images or videos. Motivate women & men to be infatuated themselves, overlook toxic beauty standards made by society.
  2. March 2021: Huda Beauty raised the voice against racism for the Asian community, donates to Stop AAPI Hate.
  3. April 2021: In Ramadan, Huda Beauty distributed one million meals to the 100 Million Meals food drive initiative, which was launched by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to provide food parcels to underprivileged families across 20 countries in Asia and Africa.
  4. May 2021: Huda Beauty used its platforms about abused Palestine and pushes the colossal launch of the year’ due to this and donates $100,000 dollars to Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders) to consider their efforts on the ground.
  5. May 2021, In COVID-19, Huda Beauty & Huda Kattan donated $100,000 dollars to Help India’s destitute people to a relief fundraiser launched by former monk Jay Shetty and his wife, Radhika Devlukia-Shetty. 

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