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Why Marketers Need to Focus on Creating Experiences to Thrive in the New Economy

Why Marketers Need to Focus on Creating Experiences to Thrive in the New Economy
Why Marketers Need to Focus on Creating Experiences to Thrive in the New Economy

The economy has shifted in recent years with the rise of on-demand services. As a marketer, what does this mean for you? In our newly digitized world, there is always some type of technology involved and it’s imperative that marketers understand how to use it.

What follows are three examples of how to use technology in your marketing strategy so that your content can be found, enjoyed, and shared.

1. Deliver personalized conversations via chatbots 

2. Create interactive experiences 

3. Focus on creating a community. 

The New Economy

In today’s Local Business Listing Services, technology has become a more prominent factor in the fabric of our society. With the rise of on-demand services, it’s important for marketers to understand how to use new technologies to engage with their audience.

If you’re a marketer, you need to understand how these technologies can be incorporated into your marketing strategy so that your content is found, enjoyed, and shared. Here are three examples of how you can use technology in your marketing strategy:

1. Personalized conversations via chatbots  

2. Creating interactive experiences  

3. Creating a community 

The Need for Marketers to Understand Technology

Technology is always changing and evolving. This means that the way in which people consume content will change and evolve as well, so marketers need to keep up with the latest trends.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to use every new technological trend all at once. You can use some of these emerging technologies and combine them with established marketing tactics to create a more powerful, personalized, and interactive experience for your audience.

The key is understanding how each technology works. By embracing and learning how to utilize new technologies, marketers can be ahead of the curve when it comes to providing consumers with a unique experience.

So what are some of these technologies? Here are three examples:

1. Deliver personalized conversations via chatbots  

2. Create interactive experiences 

3. Focus on creating a community. 

Three Ways to Use Technology in Your Marketing Strategy

Technology is everywhere, so you can’t afford to ignore it. It’s time to incorporate technology into your marketing strategy. Here are three ways technology can help your content reach its audience.

1. Deliver personalized conversations via chatbots

Chatbots are a form of automated dialogue that enables marketers to have more natural conversations with their audience. You don’t need to be an expert in marketing to use this tool: It’s easy for anyone to take advantage of chatbot technology and make it work for them.

If you want people to consume your content, use chatbots as a tool for delivering personalized messages. These bots are a great way for you to communicate with your audience and interact with them on an intimate level without the hassle of emailing or messaging back and forth.

2. Create interactive experiences

Which do you think people enjoy more? Interacting with brands or interacting with friends? If you’re thinking about creating brand experiences, consider using interactivity like games or quizzes as one way of inserting human interaction into your content marketing strategy. Make it fun and entertaining!

3. Focus on creating a community

Technology is great, but you shouldn’t rely on it exclusively. In order to reach your ideal audience, you need to connect with them on a personal level. As such, communities are an important aspect of marketing strategy.


Creating a community is not easy, but it’s well worth the effort. A community allows you to share information and interact with your audience in a way that digital marketing can’t offer. It also provides valuable customer insight and feedback on what content will engage your audience the most.

As such, creating a community should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy for future success! 

Create personalized conversations via chatbots

When you want to be sure your content is reaching the right people, chatbots can help. They’re a staple of the digital marketing strategy due to their ability to engage with customers in a unique way. In fact, a survey by Netsuite showed that respondents who engaged with chatbots had higher customer satisfaction than those who did not.


But what does it mean for marketers? Great Guest Posts technology allows you to target specific audiences and find out what they like most about your brand. This allows you to tailor your content specifically for them and reach them in more creative ways.


For example, let’s say your company specializes in baby products and wants to know about the top three reasons why parents choose your brand for their baby’s needs. A chatbot might allow you to directly ask users this question and get an immediate response without having to go through a lengthy process. You could also set up this conversation with multiple answered questions or even a video response from one of your employees!


Another important benefit of chatbots is that they are able to provide personalized experiences. With these types of interactive interfaces, consumers can be certain that their responses will only be seen by human eyes—not those of computers—and that. 

Create interactive experiences

As marketers, it’s important for you to understand how technology can enhance your marketing strategy. One way is by using interactive experiences. These are digital tools that allow users to create a story or interact with a piece of content in a unique way through technology.


For example, this interactive infographic from Startups. co helps the reader find out how much money you need to make as a freelance writer so they can achieve their ideal lifestyle and income. With this tool, users enter different information about themselves, and then it uses that information to calculate an estimated salary for them based on their inputted data.


Another example is when you’re using an app like Periscope on your smartphone to live stream during an event at your company. The idea is that you have the opportunity to share what’s happening at your company in real-time with viewers who may not be able to attend in person.