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Ultimate Video Bingo Guide: learn how to play and discover the best games

Today there are so many people all over the world who enjoy playing video bingo online. And why not? It is a fun and dynamic game inspired by traditional bingo, with a long history, dating back to 16th century Italy.

If you have ever seen or played a game of various types of video slots , you will also be quite familiar with video bingo as they share some of the same features and function in a similar way. Even so, in this text we will explain what video bingo is , how to play it and we will share the main tips to win, as well as offering a complete list of the best titles.

What is Video Bingo

In the broadest possible sense, we can describe video bingo as the digital version of the traditional bingo game, adapted for web browsers and mobile phones. This type of game also has cards and numbered balls, and the objective is to match the numbers drawn randomly in balls whose number can vary.

Of course, being in the virtual domain has allowed these new games to implement endless additional features and functions. That’s why we can now find things like bonus rounds , jackpots , mini-games , bonus balls and much more in free video bingo games as well as those played for real money.

Although the original bingo, which evolved from a kind of lottery game in Italy, is over 490 years old, the development of modern video bingo began in the 1990s and went hand-in-hand with the spread of digital technology and the Internet. Online articles refer to Bingo Zone , a game released in 1996, as one of the first video bingo titles.

How Does Video Bingo Work?

To better understand online video bingo games , it’s helpful to compare them to other types of games that players may be familiar with.

When it comes to similarities between video slots and online video bingo games, they are reflected in the presence of pay lines. This means that it is not necessary to cross off all the numbers on the number card to win a prize, it is enough to have the numbers drawn in a certain order as indicated in the game rules.

And in the same way that slot machines work , video bingo also has additional features. This can vary greatly from game to game, but the most common feature is the Extra Ball .

When some of the numbers on the cards have the potential to form a combination, they will be marked in a different color or flash. Then it will be possible to choose whether to opt for an extra ball, paying an additional amount for each one, or not.

Some other additional features that differentiate video bingo from its traditional ancestor are Free Balls, within the Bonus Ball feature, the ability to buy it instead of waiting for it to appear randomly or even Jackpots , Instant Wins and other types of features.

How to Play Video Bingo Online?

Players interested in playing video bingo for free or for real money are spoiled for choice at reputable and reliable online casinos, as there is a wide range of titles to choose from. Regardless of whether you play online video bingo in the demo version or for real, the rules are basically the same as we will explain below:

Before you are allowed to wager real money on an online video bingo game, you will need to register an account at the casino of your choice and make an initial deposit;

Many casinos require you to verify the email you used to sign up and will make you go through a security check, so check your email!

Once you’ve successfully logged in, choose your preferred video bingo game and the number of valid tickets, as well as the bet amount per ticket;

Click the Play button to make the 30 randomly drawn balls drop from the balloon;

To avoid having to press the Play button every time, select the Auto option and set the number of automatic and uninterrupted plays;

The payout table will indicate the order in which each number must appear on the ticket for a given prize to be awarded.

Although it can vary from game to game, most video bingo games have a similar format: they feature four cards, each made up of 5 columns and 3 rows , with 60 numbers ranging from 1 to 90 .

After the drawn balls have been released from the balloon and the numbers have formed a combination corresponding to one of the pay lines, the player will receive a prize.

The best types of video bingo games

Finding the best video bingo game for you is all about combining what you like with the ones that pay the most. As online video bingo games come in every theme and style imaginable, find the ones that appeal to you and look for the ones that pay well, which shouldn’t be too difficult as some of these games can pay out over 20,000x! your bet !

Here are some of the best video bingo games that caught our eye:

Da Vinci Secret

Da Vinci Secret is signed by Zitro Games , one of the most recognized providers of free and real money video bingo games. The game has four jackpots , a bonus round and bonus balls , as well as providing up to 4 numbered 3×5 tickets.


Developed by Red Rake Games , Muertitos is a video bingo game played on 4 cards with 5 columns and 3 rows. The game includes a bonus round mini game, 19 pay lines and 10 bonus balls .

Double Bonus

Zitro’s most popular video bingo game, Double Bonus, includes bonuses, free bonus balls, the Z-ball feature and a Jackpot . There are 15 numbers per card, of which there can be a maximum of 4. The game design is quite simple, but it still provides exciting gameplay.

Monster Bingo

This creepy game with monsters like Frankenstein, Werewolf and Mummy comes from MGA Games and is played on 4 cards with a 5×3 grid. There are 60 balls out of which 30 are drawn. The game includes 4 bonus rounds and a random option to buy extra balls .

The skull

Another Zitro game, this time with a Day of the Dead theme, La Calaca offers an adjustable number of cards, from 1 to 4, with 25 numbers and 12 potential prizes per card. There are extra balls you can buy, and the Z-ball feature is also available, as well as a Jackpot and two bonus rounds.

Bicho Farm

This game inspired by the animal farm and developed by MGA Games offers a maximum of 4 cards with 15 numbers each. 30 balls are drawn from a balloon of 60 and there are an additional 14 extra balls. We must not forget the 4 bonus mini-games also available.

Slingo Sweet Bonanza

Slingo Sweet Bonanza, as the name suggests, is a sweet tooth game and a mix of slots and bingo. This slingo game is played on a 5×5 game screen and there are 10 spins per round, with the option to purchase additional spins. Slingo Sweet Bonanza also features Wild symbols , Super Wild symbols , Free Spins and 4 multiplier bonuses .

Super Hot Bingo

Patagonia’s Super Hot Bingo has a vibrant and attractive design, as well as the classic format with 90 balls and 4 cards of 3×5. The video bingo game allows the purchase of up to 10 extra balls , one of which can appear free.

Mexican Gold

Featuring images of stone temples and forgotten deities, this game is heavily influenced by ancient ancient civilizations like the Mayans for example. Mexican Gold features 10 bonus balls and an exciting bonus round with huge prizes.

Disco Nights

Inspired by the music of the 70’s, Red Rake’s Disco Nights is a very colorful game that is played on 4 cards with 15 numbers. There are 2 bonus rounds that trigger the Dance Floor and Wheel of Fortune minigames, 21 paylines , 10 bonus balls , as well as a Wild ball and a Free ball .

Bingo game

Differences and Similarities Regarding Traditional Bingo

The game where the objective is to mark your cards with all the numbers of the drawn numbered balls and shout ‘Bingo!’ to win the prize has come a long way from being the favorite pastime of the upper class in the 1500s. Online video bingo games are now accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a computer or mobile device . They come in every conceivable theme to appease even the most demanding gamer.

When we remember the bingo of days gone by, we might imagine huge halls full of people, quite noisy and full of smoke. This is no longer the case with video bingo, and although it may have lost the social part, it allows you to enjoy bingo anytime, no matter where you are.

Whether you’re taking a break from your busy day or trying to fill a long bus ride with some excitement and fun, as long as you have a mobile device, you can enjoy video bingo.

Of course, the differences do not end here, since the most important are the extra functions that the different video bingo games incorporate, which in turn can be classified into different types. The most common differentiation between video bingo games is the number of balls each game works with. The most common have a total number of 30 and 60 balls, the first known as the fast version.

Tips And Strategies For Video Bingo

Like other games of chance, the results of an online video bingo game are completely random. This means that no strategy is capable of guaranteeing a positive result, and everything depends on luck.

However, if on the one hand winning at video bingo depends solely on luck, on the other hand it is possible to find more suitable and intelligent ways of playing it.

The best advice is to read the rules of each online video bingo game carefully in the first place . Each game provides an information sheet with precise instructions on how to play the game, pay lines, special features and prizes.

In addition, it is also worth checking the objective reviews made by specialized sites and the reviews of more experienced players. If this is your first time playing video bingo, try the game in demo mode (for fun) before playing for real money.

However, some more experienced players use various strategies with the intention of winning online video bingo or even the live versions of the game. One of the most popular is called Granville and it is a method created by the French mathematician Joseph Granville, it consists of analyzing the cards and choosing those that have the following characteristics:

Same number of even and odd numbers;

Same number of major and minor numbers;

Same number of numbers ending in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Another famous strategy used to win at video bingo is known as Tippett , a reference to the English statistician Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett. The strategy assumes that in faster games there are also more chances that numbers between 1 and 75 will come up.

On the other hand, if the game session is longer, the possibility of numbers close to 38 appearing is greater.

Why play video bingo?

In short, because it’s so much fun! Now that we have traced the evolution of bingo from its early days to today’s flashy world of online video bingo games, we hope there is no more mystery surrounding these entertaining and exciting games.

As we have shown in this text, playing bingo is easy, and the video bingo version works very similarly, with additional features that can also be seen in video slots. These additional options make it easy for players to win a prize.

However, please note that these games are intended for entertainment only for persons over 18 years of age and can be played in demo mode or for real money.

Also, keep in mind that like any other game of chance, video bingo should be played responsibly .

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