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Ultimate Guide to Gambling Terms and Casino Jargon Everyone Should Know

Playing online is fun, right? But yes it can be complicated! Casino terms and gambling phrases can be difficult for even the most advanced players to understand and that is why we have compiled this complete gambling vocabulary. We will talk about some of the most common casino terms so that you understand the casino jargon the next time you decide to play.

You can use this as your own dictionary of casino terms and refer to it whenever you see the casino phrases you just don’t understand. By the end of the blog, you should have a better understanding of the casino glossary.

Casino Terms and Gambling Phrases from A – Z

We’ll list all the betting phrases and casino lingo in alphabetical order, making it easy for you to read, but also easy to refer to when you need it:

A- B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O – P – Q- R – S – T- U – V – X – W – Z



Bonus abuse – is one of the casino phrases used when a person claims multiple bonuses for their own financial gain. A bonus abuser risks being kicked out of the casino or claiming future bonuses. Abusing bonuses may also result in the loss of any winnings the player has earned.

Action – can mean one of two things. This casino glossary can be the total amount of money that has been put into play or an expression from the dealer to let a player know that it is their turn to act.

Accumulator – another of the gambling phrases that explains the action of adding the winnings from the previous spin to the player’s current bet. That is, betting on two or more games with the intention of investing the winnings from the first win in the next bet. It is also known under the name Parlay .

Add-on – the casino term used to describe the additional number of chips that players can buy during a tournament that takes place at a specific time.

Affiliate – a person or organization that can earn commissions by promoting other people’s products.

Against the Spread – a sporting term that refers to the result of an event that takes into account the difference in points. These types of betting phrases also refer to the act of taking points instead of betting the spread or “ putting in ” points.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission – an independent, non-political organization that regulates electronic gambling on behalf of the States of Alderney. The Commission ensures that its approach to regulation and supervision meets the highest international standards.

All or Nothing – bingo term referring to a ticket that pays out whether or not all of the selected numbers or none of the selected numbers are drawn.

All-in – Among the betting phrases is this poker term that describes the action of betting all the remaining chips.

Ante – the initial bet a player makes, usually in a game of poker. This ensures a smooth poker game as it means that each player has placed their initial bet (compulsory bet).

Gambling – depositing money into a game that will have an unknown outcome at the time of gambling. One of the best known phrases about the game of chance where the money is invested before playing.

Bet – a bet placed on any game. It is a word from the English casino vocabulary (Bet) that can be a single bet or can refer to a group of bets. Bets are most commonly used in table games and live casinos.

Bet Max (Bet Max) – is another of the casino terms in slot games. It is the maximum amount that a player can bet on a single bet, a term that is more commonly used among high rollers.

Minimum Bet – the minimum amount that can be bet in a single round.

Fixed Odds – is often used in sporting events and means that the amount that players can win is already set in advance, so it is predetermined, unlike video slots which are determined by a random number generator.

Spread betting – this phrase from the gambling vocabulary means betting on an event where the reward is based on the accuracy of the bet rather than a simple win/lose outcome.

Outside bets – are even money bets such as red/black, odd/even and high/low.

Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) – is a form of gambling on the outcome of horse racing in which bettors must deposit funds into their account before they can place bets. Advance-deposit wagering (ADW) is often done online or over the phone. Normally, it is one of the casino phrases that implies betting on horse or greyhound racing.

Arbitrage – allows the bettor to back both sides when there is a variation in odds that results in a guaranteed win.

Self Exclusion – one of the most important casino terms where a player voluntarily excludes himself from playing in a casino, possibly for addiction reasons. Once a player self-excludes, they cannot play at the casino or casino group.


Baccarat – one of the most popular gambling terms among card fans; Also known as Punto Banco , this game can have many variations and involves betting on whether the player or the dealer has a winning hand of a two or three card hand. Players accumulate points and the winner is the closest to nine. 10’s and face cards have no point value.

Bad Beat – a losing hand that was in favor of winning.

Balance – is the amount of money a player has in their balance. It can be the total amount of money – a deposit, a bonus or both. It is also called balance, account balance, accounting balance, among other betting phrases.

Whale – casino term describing a high roller who can jeopardize a casino’s business if he were to win big. See High roller below.

Discard tray – a tray for discarded /played cards.

Bankroll – the synonym for balance sheet (see above); it is the money a player has available to spend.

Banker – is the person against whom the players bet at the table. The banker usually changes every turn or every other turn.

Beef – the casino glossary phrase that denotes the outcome of a bet that can lead to a dispute between a player and a dealer.

Blackjack – Also called blackjack , this gambling vocabulary word describes the classic card game in most casinos where players face off against the dealer. The object of the game is to have a better hand than the dealer with a score of 21 or the close. A score above that amount will cause either the player or the dealer to go bust. A perfect blackjack consists of a 10 point card and an Ace.

Bluff Catcher – the only hand that can beat a bluff (see ”bluff” below).

Bonus – among the betting phrases that refer to a reward or incentive that players can claim. Bonuses are awarded when players newly open an account which can be rewarded for free or as a result of a deposit. The bonus amount will depend on the percentage offered by each casino. Most bonuses will have terms and conditions attached to them that include wagering (see below). Our casino bonus guide can help you with more information about it.

Cash Bonus – money that is offered to a player as a result of a deposit, such as a matching deposit. These will come with terms and conditions attached.

Box Cars – when a player rolls two 6’s on a die.

Breaking the Bank – Among the casino catchphrases is that of a player winning a critical sum of money which may be more than the casino has in hand or by winning more chips than there are on the table.

Brick – also called Blank, is a card in poker that does not help any player to improve their hand.

Brick and Mortar Casino – this is another expression for a physical casino.

Bust – the blackjack term for busting or going over 21.

Buy-In – This gambling vocabulary phrase describes an option used to buy credits in a casino or at a table.


Carpet joint – a Las Vegas casino term that describes a luxury casino.

Reel – reel or reel, the two casino phrases are used in slots and represent the spinning element of the game which is full of symbols. Different slots will have different types of reels, one of the most common being 5 reels, classics and 3 reels.

Carousel – a group of slot machines arranged in a circular pattern.

Burn Cards – Gambling terms for the cards to be dealt were discarded from the top of the deck to prevent dishonest play.

Bookmaker – one of many casino terms describing an establishment where players can place bets on all kinds of sporting events; a casino.

Casino Edge – see: Casino Edge

Online Casino – Another of the casino phrases used to describe an establishment where players can gamble and place bets online rather than in a physical casino. Most of the casinos these days are available to be used instantly through a compatible web browser.

Chalk – favorite team, athlete or horse at a sporting event.

Chase (Chasing) – a player who continues to bet after a losing streak. It can also refer to chasing your losses.

Live Chat – a service provided by a casino whereby players can speak with a customer service agent in real time. Some casinos will provide this support 24/7, while other casinos will have it open only during business hours.

Churn – the effect of betting and then betting money again.

Big Blinds – a forced bet from a player who is sitting two places to the left of the dealer.

Blinds – in poker, a mandatory pre-bet that a player has to make before seeing their cards.

Hedge – the expression of games of chance where a player places bets on the opposite side with the aim of reducing his losses or guaranteeing a minimum amount of winnings.

Cashable – can refer to a bonus that once wagered can be withdrawn when it becomes “cashable ” . Gambling phrases of this type can also refer to a balance that can be withdrawn once all wagers have been completed.

Flush – one more of the casino terms heard in a game of poker when a player has a hand consisting of the same suit.

Card Counting – This casino glossary expression is all about the player remembering the cards that have been dealt in order to make an informed decision about the remaining cards and cheat the game in their favor.

Chargeback – charge that is returned to the original payment card.

Contribution – the casino term that explains an action where the player who originally raised before the flop bets from the flop.

Craps – a table game with dice. It offers many bets to choose from when the player tries to roll a certain number.

Crapshoot – something that is risky or uncertain.

Crimp – the casino phrase that describes a curve that has been intentionally made in one corner of a card for easy identification.

Croupier – French word for the dealer of cards or chips in a game of baccarat or roulette.


Dealer – also known as a croupier, dealer or dealer, is a casino employee who is responsible for organizing a table game and distributing the cards.

Deposit – when a player makes a payment to their casino account in order to play.

Deuce – casino terms of play for two (as in the Deuces Wild game).

Double or Nothing – Gambling phrases that describe the action of doubling bets and if players win, they will win double the amount. But, if they lose, they will lose everything.

Double Down – the casino phrase can refer to a bet of the same size as an ante, commonly used in a game of Blackjack. This also means that both bets can win or lose together.

Drop Percentage – can be a portion of a player’s cash that the casino has earned as a result of the house edge.


eCOGRA – is an independent agency that audits online casinos to determine that their operating standards are fair. Its full name in English is e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.

En Prison – also known as the surrender rule in roulette, is a bet that will remain on the roulette table for another spin. This glossary casino phrase follows Even Money Bet where the outcome was zero or even double zero.

End-of-the-day Betting Effect – one of many gambling expressions referring to players who take higher risks at the end of the day in an attempt to make up for earlier losses.

Player conceit – is the fallacy where a player believes that they will be able to stop a risky behavior while continuing to engage in it.

Royal Flush – the highest hand in poker, it is known as the winning hand. This casino phrase means that players can get a Royal Flush or Royal Flush. It consists of an ace, king, queen, jack or ten of each suit.

Optimal Strategy – If a person is playing a game that makes them make strategic decisions, the optimal strategy is the range of possible outcomes that can be calculated mathematically.

Even Mone y – the English casino vocabulary expression for when a player gets back the same amount of money that they originally wagered.

Exposure – the maximum amount of money a Sportsbook can expect to lose in a single game.

Spread – the casino term for the amount of money the house will be at risk of losing in a game or race.


Farol (Bluff) – among the most common gambling phrases; a false move by a player to intimidate or impress the opponent; bluffing action . __

Chips – one of the casino terms often used in a land-based casino to describe the colored disks that are equivalent to money. They are commonly used at casino tables. Online casinos also refer to chips when asking players to place bets.

Non-negotiable chips – these are chips that have been given out by the casino for play, but cannot be exchanged for cash at any time.

Figure – is the total sum owed by or to the bookmaker.

Firing – when a player makes a big bet.

Fish – is a poker term for when a player loses frequently and bets every hand regardless of the value of their cards.

Flat Betting – a gambling expression where a player bets the same for each hand and its denomination does not vary.

Freerol l – this can be a poker or video slots tournament that will not require the player to pay an entry fee. Prizes and cash incentives can still be won. It can also mean a hand that will win or split the pot.

Fruit Machine – often found in land-based casinos and is one of the classic slot machines. It usually consists of basic graphics with fruit symbols and the features will also be limited compared to video slots. Check out our blog to learn more about the different types of casino games .

Full House – poker term comprising two cards of one rank and three cards of a second rank.


GAMSTOP – a self-exclusion scheme that allows players to take control of their gambling habits. Players can implement controls to restrict their online gaming activities and will be prevented from using gambling websites and applications.

Gross Win – total profit before expenses.

Cumulative Winnings – the total amount or cumulative amount of winnings in a game.

Hook (Hook) – half a point.

George – said of a player who offers a generous tip.

Getting Down – another casino term for placing a bet.

Gg (Good game) – short for “ good game ” .

GOY (Game of the Year) – Game of the Year

Grease – the casino phrase meaning bribe.


Handicap – when a player tries to predict what the outcome of a sporting event would be. This usually involves some sort of investigation on the part of the player.

Handle – the collective amount of money that has been wagered on a single event or a group of events.

High roller – another word from the gambling vocabulary that means playing with high stakes or someone who always bets a lot. This person is also called a whale .

Hit – In Blackjack this can mean a player requesting an additional card and in slots these are casino terms for winning.

Hold – is expressed as a percentage of the money that has been wagered and that the casino expects to keep at the end.

Hot table – in the game of Blackjack, the term hot table means a blackjack table where players win more than they lose.


Inside bet – betting phrases like this mean that players place their bets in/between the betting layout of the casino tables.

Irregular Playing Patterns – the expression is often associated with bonus abuse, where players will do as little as possible to try and claim their prizes. Players found to be betting with irregular betting patterns are at risk of losing their winnings as this is usually classed as a violation of the casino’s terms and conditions.


Jackpot (Bote) – one of the terms of chance most known among players; It is a large amount of money that a player can win and it is usually the most money that can be won in a single game.

Progressive Jackpot – this is a jackpot game where the jackpot (jackpot) will increase as more and more players wager on the game. These casino phrases often refer to the jackpots linked to a network of slot machines that will share the jackpot. The jackpot will continue to grow until someone wins it, which can happen in a variety of ways, including randomly. Once won, the progressive jackpot will reset and start over.

Joker poker – a variety of video poker where the Joker is used in the same way as in Deuces Wild.

ABC Player – Said of a player who has a very predictable way of playing, usually in poker. When a player has a strong hand, he will play aggressively and is not likely to get involved with weaker hands.

Junket – offered to VIP players, it is a form of travel where the casino can offer to cover flight and hotel costs and in return players will make a deposit of $5000 and agree to play a certain number of hours.


Keno – a game that has similarities with the lottery. The player can choose the numbers that he thinks will be drawn and if they match what he chooses, he wins.


Washout – a gaming term that explains the manner in which a player walks away from a table game by making the move as if washing their hands to show that they have not won anything. Also, it is used of a dealer who shows his hands moving away to show that he is not taking any chips from the table.

Layoff Bet – This casino glossary phrase explains how a player bets that a 7 will come up before the point.

Book – establishment that accepts bets on the results of sporting events.

Black Book – Casino terms used to describe a list of players who are not allowed to enter casinos.

Aggregate limit – a casino is only required to pay out a certain amount in a single round and this is called an aggregate limit. When this limit is reached, players may be required to accept a reduced amount.

Betting Limits – Another of the betting phrases that refers to the minimum and maximum bets allowed in any game.

Lock – a player who wins easily.

Longshot – one of the gambling expressions that explains to a person that he is unlikely to win.

Loose – those who will play several hands, including low quality ones.


Hand – these are the cards that a player has with the intention of using it to make a good combination. It can also be used to describe the game between each soufflé of cards.

Slot machine – a game in which players spin the reels and match symbols (usually 2 or more) to obtain winning combinations.

Casino marker – a casino term for an interest-free line of credit that casinos offer to customers to play. Users are expected to repay these loans.

Margin – is an advantage.

Match bonus – when a casino matches a player’s deposit with a certain percentage which is then added as bonus funds to their account.

Mechanic – Said of a cheating dealer.

Deposit Methods – a variety of payment options that players have to fund their casino accounts. This will vary from casino to casino and will also change depending on the country of play.

Wide area progressive jackpot methods – machines that offer large progressive jackpots.

Withdrawal methods – the payment methods that players can use to withdraw their winnings. These may vary depending on the player’s country and the casino itself, but for your understanding we have a full guide to different deposit and withdrawal methods , so take a look.

Muck – used in poker, means to fold a hand face down into a discard pile.


N1 – is the slang term meaning nice, good (in English: nice one).

Nh (Nice hand) – is used in slang for “ nice hand ” . Actually, it’s one of many phrases about gambling that means the player played his hand wrong and was told “Good hand”, so he would think he played it right.

Nickel – in slang bet on a value of $ 500.

Nl (No Limit) – in slang for “No Limit”.

Non-value Chip – This is a game chip that does not have any value written on it. Instead, it is calculated by the buy-in amount and then divided by the number of chips.

Nosebleed – Gambling term for someone who is gambling with extremely high stakes. See also High roller.

Number Pool – in the game of Keno the range of numbers from which the player chooses the numbers to play. Normally, the range is from 1 to 80.


On Tilt – someone who begins to play recklessly or aggressively as a result of a loss in a previous game.

One-Armed Bandit – a gambling expression used for old slot machines. You had to lower the “ arm ” of the machine, the end that made the coils move.

Oscar’s Grind – This is a betting strategy used by players in bets where the outcome is evenly distributed between two outcomes of the same value.

Overlay – In the glossary of casino terms, an overlay is the gap between the guaranteed prize pool of a poker tournament and the actual prize pool generated by the participants.


Paint – another word for Face cards (a K, Q or J in any card game).

Parlay – between the gambling phrases, the winnings from the previous spin that have been added to the current bet. Betting on two games or more with the intention of reinvesting the winnings from the first round in the next bet. For the parlay to win, all sections must be correct.

Paroli – this is a betting system that increases a player’s bet every time the player wins. When the term is used in French roulette, it is an order that tells the dealer to leave the latest winnings on the table as a new bet. He is also told Let it ride .

Pay Table – In casino glossary, a pay table is the name for the pay list on a slot machine or video poker machine. The table shows for each combination of symbols and the number of coins wagered how many coins (or credits) the wagerer will win. The slot machine pay table feature displays all possible winning sequences for that specific slot game.

Payline – A payline, also known as a bet line or a win line, is a combination of symbols that results in a win on a slot machine.

Payoff – the casino term can refer to the money a player has received from a win.

Pigeon – can refer to an inexperienced player, one who is new to the game world and may not have much knowledge about the game.

Pit – the casino term for a certain area in a casino where the tables are manned by dealers.

Pit Boss – a highly skilled casino employee.

Poker – also poker, a collective name given to a variety of board games in which players use cards to try to win and outsmart each other.

Payout Percentage – This is a statistical percentage of each bet that has been wagered which will then be returned to the player. The casino term commonly known as RTP, you can check it out below.

Theoretical retention percentage – this is the advantage the bookmaker would have only if the odds guaranteed them a constant commission regardless of the outcome.

Pot Limit – when a game has a fixed bet size per round which is also equal to the size of the current pot.

Press – when a player bets a larger amount than they normally would.

Odds – this is the player’s chance of winning as set by the casino. Should you win, the odds will determine how much you will receive.

Bonus Ban – A player who receives a bonus ban will no longer be eligible to receive any bonuses at that casino. This could also extend to a group of the same casinos.

Comp Points – Gambling phrases that explain points that players can earn when playing at a casino. These can often be collected and exchanged for rewards such as cash, gifts, bonuses, or merchandise.

Puppy – a loser.


Quads – a hand consisting of four cards of the same value.

Quarter Bet – a bet on four numbers.


Cold streak (Cold Table) – the casino term that means a long period without winning.

Railbird – another gambling phrase describing a person who watches poker games instead of participating in them.

Rake – referred to as a percentage or fixed rate, the amount charged by the house for each hand of poker played.

Rank (Value) – what a set of cards is worth in a game of poker.

Re-Bet – a player who has bet the same amount as in his previous round.

Cash Back – This is money a player can win and is usually based on their losses, but can also be based on winnings or even bets.

Wagering requirement – this is a glossary casino term that a bookmaker places on their bonuses. It means that players will need to play up to a certain amount before their bonus is converted into cash that can be withdrawn.

The wagering requirement will be set to a certain amount, a common example is 35x. This means that a player will need to wager the full bonus amount that they have 35x. For example, if a player receives a $10 bonus with a 35x wagering requirement, it means they must place $350 worth of bets before they can withdraw any winnings from that bonus.

RNG (Random Number Generator) – this gaming term is actually a random number generator; used by casinos, it is a device used to produce random results, known as algorithms. They ensure that players get a fair and unbiased experience and are most commonly used in video slots. Our informative blog covers how RNG works in slots .

Rollover – when a game is not won and the prize amount is reset.

Bonus round – usually found on video slots and is a bonus game given to the player for a better chance of winning. Special symbols will trigger a bonus game and can also sometimes be triggered randomly.

RTP (Return to Player) – Return to Player; check out the payout percentage and visit our blog for the best RTP slots .

Player Ruin – a player who will eventually lose all of his money, regardless of his strategy.

Roulette – a table game played with a wheel and a ball. The wheel is filled with numbers and players bet on which number they think the ball will land on when the wheel comes to rest. Players can predict individual numbers or a group of numbers. There are many roulette variations available.


Sawdust Joint – a slang word used in the United States to describe a non-luxury casino.

Scared Money – money the player cannot afford to lose or a bet that is simply too high for the player.

Scatter – This is another gaming term, specifically slots, and describes a symbol that can usually land anywhere on the reels and still pay out. It is also common for the Scatter symbol to trigger a feature such as free spins. Scatter symbols can be stand-alone symbols that have a value or symbols that only trigger one feature. Some games may also require the Scatter to land on a payline.

Scratch – an online game where something needs to be crossed off to let the player know if they have won. This usually means that players will need to have matching amounts to win that amount.

Session – the amount of time spent playing a game.

Shark – from English casino vocabulary, a clever player who can fool his opponent by pretending to be a loser at the start of the game and then attacks when everyone else has dropped their guard.

Short Stacked – having fewer chips than other players in a game of poker or compared to the maximum buy-in amount allowed. It is usually less than 100 times the big blind.

Side Bet – a bet above the main bet.

Slots symbols – these are the symbols that make up a slot machine. The symbols must line up on a payline to generate a winning amount. These amounts are established in the pay table of the games. The more symbols match, the higher win they generate.

Sin City – an urban area that caters to various vices that can be legal or illegal.

D’Alembert system – named after a French mathematician; it is a strategy that is based on the idea that players double their bet when they lose to try to compensate for some losses.

Martingale System – This is a strategy that is prohibited in some online casinos. The player is said to increase his bet after each loss by doubling and then adding one unit. It is not confirmed that it will work in the long term.

Straight-up – a player who bets on only one team.

Beginner’s Luck – one of the casino phrases referring to novices experiencing a disproportionate frequency of success against an expert.


Tapping Out/Tapped Out – said of someone who has run out of money.

Terms and Conditions – these are found in all casinos and are the rules that players must follow. A casino will set its terms and conditions and players must agree to follow them. Any player who breaches the terms and conditions will risk being kicked out of the casino and forfeiting their winnings.

Tilt – a gambling expression about someone who is on a losing streak.

Classic Slots – a slot machine that generally has fewer paylines and features than your average video slot. They can often mimic a physical slot machine and are known for their minimalism. In this blog we teach you more about the different types of slot machines .

Mobile Slots – a slot machine that has been optimized for use through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The game is identical to the web version game in regards to how it is played.

Progressive Slots – see “ Progressive Jackpot ” above.

Tronc – a box containing caps for employees working in the casino.


Underlay – the casino term for a bet that a player does not want to make because it costs more money than it is worth. A bet that is in favor of the houses more than in favor of the players.

Upcard – the dealer’s card turned face up in casino games such as Blackjack or Caribbean Stud.


Expected Value – Players can expect this to be the average return they get over a long period of time. This value will totally depend on how profitable or not the bet is.

Home Field Advantage – also known as home field , among other casino terms, refers to the advantage the home team is expected to have.

Practical Hold Advantage – this is the amount a bookmaker wins and is divided by the total amount booked.

Casino edge – also known as the house edge , this is the mathematical advantage that casinos have over players.

Video Poker – a game that simulates the action of five-card poker games. Players can discard and replace cards and identify if they meet the minimum hand they will win.

Vigorish – the amount charged by the bookmaker for placing a bet. Also known gambling expressions are vig or juice .


Wad – the amount of money a player has in his balance. See “ Balance ” above .

White Meat – earnings

Wild – a card that substitutes for any card value, especially in a game of poker or video poker.


Shoe – this is a device that contains several decks of cards. It is often used in the game of Blackjack.

Check our Dictionary with Casino Terms and Gambling Slang

This may sound like a lot of casino jargon to remember, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to remember it all. There are many gambling terms and definitions, but don’t worry because this blog will always be available for your reference at any time. You may never come across any of these gambling quotes anyway.

There are so many casino catchphrases these days, even we find it hard to keep up! But chances are you are going to play your favorite games and only need to know a small part of this casino terminology, but if you ever come across casino terms that you have never seen before, our extensive list should help!

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