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Tricks to improve your paddle volley

Paddle tennis players know that attack hits are very important. If you are reading this article it is because you want to improve your volleys and shots to be a strong rival. So keep reading and take note of everything that we are going to tell you, you are interested!

When we start playing paddle tennis you want to learn all the techniques to properly practice this sport. The most important thing is the blows and the serve, so having a good technique will be essential to perfect our game mode.

As in all sports, there are many factors that influence the game such as physical condition, technique, concentration and previous training, among others. From the net the players play their most offensive game, while from the back of the court it is more difficult to get winning shots.

If the opponent is making all the points from the network, it is time to put a solution. One of the most used tactics is to make a high and deep balloon so that it has to move back its position and you can move forward. Then it is time to have the attack blows mastered.

paddle volley

Next, we tell you some useful tips to improve your volley on paddle tennis, in addition to improving the shot and achieving a more aggressive game.

How to play the volley on paddle tennis

Each player has different qualities. Each shot that is made on the court requires a specific technique that will have to be improved with the games. Thus, we can distinguish several types of volley shots.

The first one is due to height, and can be classified as high or low. Another type is established based on the direction of the ball, which can be parallel or crossed. Also, the backhand or forehand volley is usually for more advanced players.

Technical tips to improve your volley on paddle tennis

As we said at the beginning, if you are here it is to improve your volley on paddle tennis. Without further ado, we will tell you some technical tips that you can put into operation, let’s get started!

Waiting position

It is very common to make certain positional errors to be able to launch a volley, but what is the ideal position to play? To receive one of these blows, we have to have the body in a waiting position. To do this, we will place our weight on the tips of the feet. In this way, we improve the speed to reach the ball. In addition, you will have to place the shovel in the middle of your body.

Stuck elbows

It is also important to keep your elbows close to your body so that you can control the direction you want the ball to go. Thus, with this technique you will be able to control the movements of your body.

Shovel on the chest

The best position to keep the paddle in play is 180 degrees from the body. In this way, you will be able to move your arm as the volley comes to you and be able to react dynamically. The reflections on the paddle are very important.

Network distance

Another aspect to take into account is the distance that we have to keep from the net to calculate the blows. Likewise, balance plays another fundamental role in being able to react quickly to be at a midpoint from where the ball can land.

Game control

Strength is another of the tricks that you will have to learn to control to win the game. You have to measure the force with which you hit the ball to send it just to the hole you want.

Short Arming

This trick is called when you put the blade in front of the shoulder line. Thus, you will be able to block and accompany the ball with movement every time you hit.

In summary, with these simple and practical tips we are convinced that you will be able to improve your volley on paddle tennis. Now it’s your turn. It’s time you put these tricks into practice in training so you can leave your opponent speechless.

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