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Tips for running in the cold

The cold has come to stay for a while. At this time of year, runners have already noticed the presence of colder weather, especially at certain times of the day. Running cold may generate rejection, but the truth is that if you are a true runner you will go out to practice this fabulous sport.

Like many other disciplines, running outdoors is a sport that many people practice on a daily basis. This training will require physical preparation, as well as adequate clothing, especially those days where the weather is cooler.

For our comfort and to prevent us from getting sick, in this post we are going to give you some practical advice to enjoy your running training during the autumn winter months.

Useful tips for running on cold days

Warming up is one of the main goals when you go for a run on cold days. When you start to get the right temperature, your perception will rise approximately 10 degrees more.

Tips for running in the cold

After all, the important thing is to go running in any weather and enjoy the sport. Next, we will tell you the tips that you will have to follow so as not to stop running on those cold and windy days, let’s get started!

Choose your clothes well

The most important thing you will have to do before leaving home is to check the weather to know what kind of clothes to wear during your training. As we have mentioned before, the thermal sensation increases when you start running. If possible, try going for a run during sunny hours to counter the cold and wind.

In addition, it is preferable that you dress with more layers that are made of fine fabric. Otherwise, you will carry more weight, it will be more uncomfortable and you will have a lack of perspiration. Do not use cotton, it is better to buy technical sportswear with ClimaCool and Dry-Fit technology to maintain body temperature and are resistant to water.

Protecting yourself from the cold is not only wearing appropriate clothing, but also accessories that protect your body. Thus, the head, hands and feet, among others, are other parts that you will have to protect. The knees tend to cool down quickly, so you better go with long leggings that fit the body. Cover your hands with thin gloves and if you prefer, take a hat for the head, a panty or tubular scarf for the throat, as well as thermal vests if you want to protect the chest from the cold.


Warming up before you start running is essential. Likewise, it will help you to start increasing your body temperature and preparing your body for the physical effort that you are going to make. A 10-minute warm-up indoors will be enough to prepare you. Pay special attention to the extremities to avoid possible injuries, since in the cold you are more likely to suffer one.

You do not have to start running around the house, but you can do other types of exercises to raise your heart rate such as going up and down the stairs, jumping rope for a while. When you are done entering, it is also recommended to do a little stretch.

Breathe through your nose

When you run in cold conditions it is better to breathe only through your nose, since it is the only way that can warm the air you inhale a bit. Thus, the trick is to breathe through the nose and expel the air through the mouth. Pay special attention to this practice when you are running to avoid fatigue. On some occasions, the icy wind can make it difficult for you to breathe as the airways narrow.

The wind can be your ally

At first, you may think that the wind is your worst enemy, but the truth is that you have to know how to handle it to your advantage. Thus, it is better to start running with the wind against you and then have it in your favor when you are more tired. In the event that the wind is very cold, you can protect yourself with a tubular scarf and a hat. In the same way, we recommend that you use creams or petroleum jelly so that the skin is not cut with the cold.

Depending on the training you do, if you want to improve the resistance you can alternate the time and run first in favor and then against. It’s all a matter of your needs!

Change your clothes when you finish

When you finish training, the ideal is that you do not stop running until you reach the door of your house to avoid staying cold with sweat or rain. Therefore, it is better that as soon as you go home, you go into the shower to warm up and then settle in with new clothes.

In the event that you cannot do the above because you have to use the car, motorcycle or bus, among others, you can take new clothes so that you can change at the moment. If it is wet with sweat, you will avoid being cold during the whole journey. There is always a solution!

Take extreme precautions with rain or snow

In weather conditions such as rain or snow, you will have to pay attention to the state of the ground. If you see that it is not the right time, we advise you that the weather improves or that you do not go out until the situation improves. In the same way, the shoes will have to have a good grip that gives you stability to avoid slips and falls. Waterproof clothing is almost mandatory. With the snow, you will have to wear sun protection and reflective clothing, especially if it is at night.

With these tips you no longer have an excuse to go running on cold days. You just have to put them into practice to improve your training and performance. If you wear the right clothes, you will hardly have any problems. Now it’s your turn, go for a run and feel like a real runner !

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