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How to string a tennis racket

The use of the tennis racket, over time, causes the strings to lose tension and firmness. When this happens, the strings may have slackened or we may even have lost some of them.

Therefore, it is important to do a review from time to time to check the condition of our racket. If we see that the strings are a bit loose, we should consider tightening them. However, if they are worn down and no longer hold the blows, it is time to string your racket.

What does it mean to string a racket? It consists of changing the net of our racket when it is deteriorated or loses consistency. In some cases, it can break apart. Therefore, it is necessary to string the racket at least 2 times a year, although it will also depend on the use you give it.

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Next, we explain all the steps you must follow to be able to string your own racket from home, let’s get started!

When is it necessary to string a racket?

Depending on the type of player you are, you will give more or less use to the tennis racket. However, you will also have to take into account the type of racket you have, as well as the playing time it has had. Therefore, there are a series of visual cues that will make you renew your racket completely or string the racket.


When I hit me, the ball makes contact with the strings, causing friction which causes the strings to wear out. Also, if you look closely, you can see how small grooves are generated where the strings intersect. These notches can break, so before that happens it is advisable to change the string of your racket.


Natural ropes are made up of many fibers that are intertwined. When they are strung for the first time, they have a coating that protects them. However, with use, these tend to fade and therefore the fibers begin to fray. This process is normal, although fraying can also be caused by moisture. Once you have the racket with the fibers frayed at all angles, it will be time to change the string.

Steps to follow to string your own racket

Now that you know the main reasons why a string has to be strung, it is time for you to learn how to string your own racket with 3 easy steps. Do not miss any detail and take note if necessary. We already warned you that it will be necessary for you to have a stringing machine.

1. Place the racket on the stringing machine

The first thing we will have to do is place the racket in the machine. In general, in the upper part of the racket there is a point that indicates the center, just where we will have to place it at the point of assemblage with the support. Later, you will have to tighten it to make it firm. Eye! Don’t go overboard and deform the racket.

2. Adjust the tension of the racket string

As a general rule, the brands of the rackets have a value for each model that provides us with predetermined values, as well as a tennis string scheme. This information is very useful to know what string tension your tennis racket should have. For its part, you will have to string the racket according to the type of court and your mode of play. Thus, it will be more beneficial to put more or less tension in order to have a greater or lesser rebound.

3. Lay the net

If you have to change the net entirely, you will first have to see how much rope you may need to avoid shorting. To place the rope, you must first do it vertically from the center to the sides, leaving enough net on both sides to reach it. Subsequently, you must go tensioning one by one with the machine until the end of the process. Once these steps are done, you will need to thread the string through a thicker channel at the bottom of the racket. This way, you can finish tying the knot.

For horizontal strings, you will need to thread the string through the thickest gutter at the top and tie a knot. Next, begin to cross-tie horizontally above and below until you reach the bottom where you will have to finish making another knot to finish placing the net.

It is done! With these simple steps you already know how to string your tennis racket. Thus, you can give it a second life and continue playing. This process may be somewhat complicated at first, but it is very simple. If you have or can make use of a machine, use it!

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