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How to enhance security and safety in a city?

X-Ray Scanner

As a mayor or allied responsible person, it is your duty and responsibility to ensure the city is safe for every citizen. Yes, managing security and safety is a highly complex job. However, you have to work on improving security and surveillance in the city. And for this, you need to make decisions based on future city planning, development and crime reduction. You can do this by enhancing surveillance across the city. Here are some effective steps that you can take in this regard:

Scan everyone at public places

A city has bus stops, metro stations, markets, parks, railway stations, etc. These places have a higher risk of thefts and allied wrong-doings that can be a toll on the life of city residents. No one can stop crime in a city. However, you can lower the number of crimes. And for this, you should install the requisite system and use an x ray scanner to scan each one entering into a shopping complex, market, and allied public places. Through this, you can easily detect the people carrying suspicious things like weapons. Further, you can use luggage/baggage scanners to know whether carrying bags contain suspicious items or not. 

Make it sure your system is On for 24/7       

To make people, who are working and living in your city, feel safe, you record each activity in streets, markets, bus stops, etc. Here you need to ensure that your recording system works properly around the clock and it has no outages. This assurance will help you easily access the recording and report an incident soon. Suppose that a person is walking at home in his/her street at night. The street has enough CCTVs. If these cameras work well, the city police will have access to quality recorded footage. And this access will help them to catch a criminal soon if a crime takes place.  

Having a proper system is surely an obvious requirement for you, security manager of a city. Dealing with security surveillance systems is really hard due to its complex nature. And it happens, as the system has to cover an extensive geographical area. Due to it, the systems have different capabilities as per their brands. Different capabilities create integration problems. And you have to configure your system to match those requirements. In the integration, you have to connect everything that is video management software, NVRs, and CCTV cameras. 

Have the best quality cameras installed everywhere        

For better security and surveillance in your city, you must ensure that the installed cameras can produce HD quality images and videos. Here HD stands for High Definition. The high definition images or videos make security managers have better evidence to find out suspects and move forward in letting the suspects behind bars. The cameras you have or will install in your city: 

  • Should be able to record clearer images or videos of each activity on the street or public places 
  • Should be capable of recording activities at a distance 
  • Should have powerful zoom capabilities 
  • Should be installed externally  
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions   

Ensure quick response and act fast to incidents 

As security managers, making the respective active personnel responsible to respond fast as an incident takes place. They should inform senior offices in security and the city police. With a quick response, you and your workforce can easily lower the crime numbers and prevent incidents in future. For better surveillance, safety, and security, you can categorise your city areas and mark them as red, orange, yellow, and green zones. And you can make your security and surveillance plan accordingly. You can follow a zero tolerance policy to make your city residents feel safe and secure.  

Make your surveillance systems visible   

Usually, people love to work and live in a safe city. They decide to leave the city when they feel a higher risk to their life at public places and their homes. As a security manager, you need to ensure your city residents that they are safe. And for this, you can make security and surveillance systems and allied things in your city visible to the residents. You can use several platforms such as social networking sites to give assurance to them.     

Final thoughts 

Ensuring security and safety in a city depends on how a respective system works and how the responsible people react to an incident or security threat when it occurs. As a security manager, you can follow the steps mentioned in the write-up.