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How does Omicron affect children and what are the care to be taken in the face of the Covid variant?

Omicron is becoming more and more present in our daily life . For this reason and given the notable increase in cases in Mexico and in the world due to this variant of SARS-Cov-2, at MARCA Claro we answer the most common doubts about this virus.

Does the Omicron variant affect children?

Yes, the Omicron variant of the SARS-Cov-2 virus can also be contracted by children , so it is necessary to take extreme care with them.

As we have reported since its appearance, Ómicron could be characterized as being a more infectious variant than the others, but with milder symptoms . Speaking of symptoms, one has been found, until now, unknown in children. It is a skin rash that was not caused by the other variants. They are unusual spots on the skin . Regarding the other symptoms, there is no information that shows that there are symptoms different from the other variants.

At what age is Omicron a danger to children?

By not being vaccinated, children between the ages of 5 and 10 are at risk of contracting the Omicron variant and developing serious disease.

What is the best measure to take care of children before the Omicron?

The best measure to help children avoid getting Omicron is by vaccinating the rest of the people with whom the infant lives .

How long should the confinement be if you catch Covid-19 or some variant?

If you have no symptoms but have tested positive for Covid, a five-day lockdown is necessary .

If he tested positive and has symptoms, the confinement should be eight days.

What is the best Covid test to detect the virus?

The best test to detect Omicron is the so-called PCR . If a person was with someone who has Covid-19, has symptoms and their antigen test gives a positive result, it is no longer necessary to do a PCR test ; but if the antigen test is negative it is necessary to perform a PCR test to determine if you have the Omicron variant. If PCR cannot be performed , a 10-day confinement is necessary .

While saliva tests performed on the throat are also effective as the virus lodges in the upper part of the respiratory system