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Best Cloth Brands For Man

Best Cloth Brands For Man
Best Cloth Brands For Man

Today, we are tackling a subject that we can consider to be the ultimate guide to getting off to a good start (or getting off on the right foot)! Consuming better means buying less, but also in a more reasoned way. We don’t teach you anything if we tell you that a better quality product will last longer than a product bought for a handful of cherries in a fast fashion store. Very often, we then speak of good basics. But, what is a quality basic? Each type of part has its specificities and very different quality criteria. If you have a certain interest in the cut, you will also appreciate a natural material and neat finishes. Through this guide, we share with you the best edenrobe  brands of men’s clothing.

Basic Everlane Uniform

Summary :

  • Mens coat brands

  • Brands of jackets and blousons for men

  • Sweater brands for men

  • Brands of men’s sweatshirts

  • Brands of men’s shirts

  • Mens T-Shirt Brands

  • Mens Suit Brands

  • Brands of jeans for men

Preamble :

A basic is by definition a piece of clothing, an accessory or a pair of shoes that you can easily wear all year round without great difficulty. In addition to being incredibly simple, it is a neutral piece that can be easily worn in several styles and in different outfits. When you want to develop a complete wardrobe, it is therefore important to first turn to the basics of the male wardrobe: three t-shirts, four shirts, two chinos, jeans, etc. As you will have understood, once this base is well mastered, it will be possible to integrate some strong pieces into your silhouettes. To help you compose the “ideal dressing room”, we have written a topic on the basics to have in your dressing room. And for those who are out of inspiration, you can find all our basic looks according to the seasons.

Formal Dressing

  • Mens coat brands

We start with an essential piece in winter: the coat. For once, impossible to do without it, if only for health reasons. There are different types of coats, and here we have decided to focus on the most common: the overcoat, the pea coat, the duffle coat, the trench coat, the down jacket and the parka.

Advice on choosing men’s coats

Overcoat Marks

As its name suggests, the overcoat takes its name from the fact that it is worn over clothes, period! Both long and sober, it is very often made of wool (and in some cases cashmere). As every year, this coat is very present in the lookbooks, and for good reason, it is the formal coat par excellence. Be aware, however, that there are different types of overcoat, there are four: the crombie-coat, the chesterfield-coat, the uster-coat, the raglan overcoat.

Pea Coat Brands

The origins of the caban would be Arab, but this short woolen coat would have landed in Europe thanks to 15th century navigators. We can assume that it was then the sailors who carried it first. The traditional peacoat is navy blue, it has a wide collar, slanted piped pockets at the hips and a double-breasted buttoning made of buttons adorned with an anchor which, at the time, could allow the coat to be closed in both direction, depending on the direction of the wind. If it has remained the coat of sailors of all eras, the peacoat has become enormously democratized at the end of the Second World War during which it was part of the pack of American soldiers.

Brands Duffle coat

The duffle coat owes its name to the material that composes it, namely a thick wool from the town of Duffel in Belgium. As often in men’s fashion, it is a piece of military origin which would have been used for the first time by the Royal Navy, English sea force, in the 19th century. Then, it would have been popularized by a marshal of the British army, Bernard L. Montgomery who had made it his work uniform.