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Best Camping Destinations in Karnataka

Best Camping Destinations in Karnataka
Best Camping Destinations in Karnataka


The place that’s peppered with waterfalls, and riverside together with fabulous activities to fancy totally is Dandeli in state. The fantastic thing about the natural scenery, the stream rafting opportunities, trekking on the slopes, ideal tenting sites, and even going for a campaign within the second largest life sanctuary of the state – there area unit tons to refill your days, and even evenings. 


When you drive for about twenty kilometres from Chikmagalur, you’ll reach one in every one of the uppermost trekking sites in the state, the Mullayanagiri. It’s the very best peak of the State of 1950 metres that permits you to trek amidst the foremost beautiful natural surroundings and greenest meadows. You’ll love to climb this hill and reach atiny low temple at its peak whereas you camp here on a daily basis or 2.

Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri is one in every of the terribly celebrated tenting sites in the state wherever you’ll notice misty weather and spectacular leaves encompassing you. Dedicated to a Muslim Saint, this place additionally holds a special non secular importance, however largely you’ll notice the journey amorous souls heading towards this location to climb hill and luxuriate in trekking and tenting close to the wondrous hills.

Kavala Caves

One of the foremost difficult and fearless places to go to in the state is the Kavala Caves. This cave is alleged to have existed since prehistoric times which is why they need unnumbered non secular stories anchored around them. Since it lies within the heart of the Dandeli parkland and is inhabited  by snakes and insects too, reaching it’s a challenge in itself. 

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

The perfect place for humouring in fearless activity would be at the very best hills!. It’s additionally one in every of the very best hills of this State and you’ll additionally attempt reaching the intense prime of it if you like to journey to the core. the enjoyment of tenting and picnicking during this naturally dense location is unequalled.

Nandi Hills

Looking for a surprising hill-station for camping? Nandi Hills may be a fabulous location to go for a few journeys and fun! This place provides some extremely entrancing views to capture in your pictures whereas you climb the hills to a lot of wonderful locations. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll trek at some attractive meadows and valleys of this splendid location and even fancy looking at the gurgling of waters at the sumptuous waterfalls.

Shivaganga Hills

What if you see a thick rush of fog on the hills that you simply climb for about two hours? and picture if you get to visualise a powerful read from this hill of the metropolis town of state – Bangalore! switch, isn’t it? Yes, we have a tendency to area unit talking regarding one in every of the highest attractions close to Bangalore referred to as the Shivaganga Hills. It lies at Associate in Nursing altitude of 4599 feet height and additionally holds several Shiva Temples wherever you’ll visit when climbing this difficult hill.


Located simply around one hundred kilometres away from Jog Falls, an attractive water of the south lies Yana, Associate in Nursing admirable village in state. Mountaineering at Yana is actually celebrated and most difficult. You’ll even notice some waterfalls close to the hills to admire whereas you’re trekking close to this location or climbing this hill. professional –tip – it’s one in every of the most effective places to camp since the leaf around is actually attractive.

Jungle tenting at Gonikoppal, Coorg

The Jungle tenting at Gonikoppal in Coorg lies about 220 kilometres away from Bangalore t. however once you have a hire car on rent, the gap would be the smallest amount of your issues. The dense forest and luscious greens build it the right place for trekkers. 

Nature journey camp

With your safe and modified hire car, you’ll simply reach the most effective resort of the state, referred to as the character journey Camp. It’s a very happening place wherever you’ll notice, like  adventurers occupying the tents and making an attempt at varied activities like trekking, hill climb, and even strolling across the forests and looking at the varied species of birds. With everything taken care of by the resort homeowners, your journey trip would be completely awe-inspiring and jam-packed with daring activities.

These places in the state provide you with a very difficult expertise and extreme vasoconstrictive rush. However, if you’re still in the state and wish to do a lot of activities then head over to any of the celebrated beaches of the state0 to do the wonderful water sports.

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