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5 Places to Visit In Kasol and Around It

5 Places to Visit In Kasol and Around It
5 Places to Visit In Kasol and Around It

This tiny village of Kullu is located at the banks of the Parvati river. The hypnotizing beauty of Kasol is the perfect destination for revitalizing your energies and mood. The trek starts with the pine forest and ends with Apple trees around. Although the place is known for Cannabis plantation you will spot many smokers around. 

The famous Kheerganga Trek starts from the small bourge Barshaini near Kasol. The journey of the trek includes many cascades along the Parvati river. You can take a lot of pictures on the route. 

  1. Nature Park Kasol

5 Places to Visit In Kasol and Around It

As the trek begins to Kheer Ganga the nearby place Kasol is a must thing to explore. Spend the morning in this beautiful park and restore your energy by jogging around the canopy trees. Also, savor the breakfast at Iranian cafes. From this park, you can see Parvati river which is flowing through trinkets and whispering with nature. Simply sit ideal and do nothing but accumulate the sound of flowing water.

  1. Manikaran Sahib 

5 Places to Visit In Kasol and Around It

The famous Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is the place where you can take blessings. Also taking a bath in these hot springs which contain many natural elements is considered divine bliss. 

  1. Tosh Village

5 Places to Visit In Kasol and Around It

This village is situated at an uplifted level at 7,900ft from Kasol. Famous place for hippies. This small town is based on the slope of the mountain and the right bank of the Parvati river. You will also see many Iranians in this village as backpackers. Also available are many budget stays, you will explore this adorable village by walking as there is no motorbike road. The increasing popularity of this enthralling place is must visit from Kasol.

  1. Kheerganga Summit

5 Places to Visit In Kasol and Around It

The name Kheerganga means a milky white sacred water having a belief that Lord Shiva’s elder son came here after losing his race with Ganesha. To bring him back Lord Shiva made a roll of kheer (rice pudding) and the place is named Kheerganga. Also, meet with fantastic arrangements by the nature of hot springs which will wash away all your exertion during the trek. Have a stargazing night stay with your cappa noodles. And wake up in the morning with soft sun rays and light music of chirping birds. Then head back to Barshaini village near Kasol.

5. Iranian Cafes

5 Places to Visit In Kasol and Around It

This place is quite famous among Israeli folks and their frequent visits add the Iranian flavor to this place. You can relish the Iranian cousin before starting or at the ending of your trek. Many cafes here offer authentic food and enjoy strong cocktails exclusive from Kasol. Can have a fairy tale candlelight dinner in this snow land. 

Things You Must have

  1. Good pair of sunglasses

  2. Good Sunscreen

  3. Nice pair of Trekking shoes and trekking poles

  4. Mosquito repellent

  5. Nice cozy and warm pair of clothes

  6. First aid kit

Kasol to Kheerganga trek Highlights

  1. Duration – 2 days

  2. Altitude – 10,000 ft

  3. Delhi to Kasol – 520km

  4. Kasol to Barshaini – 40km

  5. Barsaini to Kheerganga – 12 km

Must-Try Cafes

  1. Buddha Place

  2. Moon Dance Cafe

  3. Mama Cafe

  4. Jim Morrison Cafe

5. The Evergreen Cafe

If you are an international cousin lover, backpacker, and adventurous trekker then yes this place is for you. Do visit solo or with a great company of friends and family. Grand music festival at Kasol is also one of the main attractions to visit this misty village.

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