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3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Be More Creative and Fun

3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Be More Creative and Fun
3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Be More Creative and Fun

No one in their wildest dreams might have thought of something like COVID. This has hit the world like a blizzard. Staying indoors, having face shields, using sanitizers etc. have become a new normal for everyone these days. If you look at a brighter side, people have gotten a break from their endless routine lives. They are spending more time with their families, are pursuing hobbies, learning something new, have gotten more creative, do fun activities and much more 

These days multiple online e-learning companies are offering programmes like filmmaking courses in India, arts, acting, makeup which helps in bringing out the creative side of people. Let’s go through some ideas about what you could do to be more creative and fun:

1. Learn Acting or Pursue Theatre

Do you feel you have an actor or filmmaker hidden inside? Have you ever been a part of any play or have given acting auditions in Delhi or Mumbai? If yes, then you can surely utilize this time to boost your creative side by pursuing related courses. Since Mumbai is the cinema capital of the country, you can try for a filmmaking college in Mumbai or even a filmmaking degree course in Mumbai if you are an undergraduate.  Filmmaking and theatres are one of the most creative fields and are super fun. You get to learn so much, explore so much, travel so much and what not. Sounds super fun, right!


2. Polish your culinary skills

Kitchens are one the places where you could be super creative, and it is fun as well. This is the most economical way to cater the fumes inside your soul. Online cooking channels are in-trend these days that offer free recipes and these have become even popular during Covid times. If you have a sweet tooth, then you can also try your hand in baking. If you are a health freak, you can learn zero carb and no fat diet recipes. This skill is not just fun, but it is very useful as well. You can have a lavish meal whenever you want, and you can also make it an in-house business.


3. Get fitter and workout 

Health is something that we at times tend to ignore. Most of the time, we do not get time from our routines and sometimes we are too lazy to start a workout regime. Workout no longer is limited to gym machines and cardio. With changing times people have become creative with workout methods as well. If you are looking for something creative and fun, you can join yoga, power yoga, bhangra for workout, Zumba, weight training, Pilates etc. This is just not it; you can also combine these forms and create your own workout routine, which you feel is most fun and effective for you.


Apart from these ways, if you have a flair for writing, you can pen down your thoughts or could write a blog. If you have any hobbies like singing, dancing, painting, gardening then you can pursue those as well. There is no limit to creativity and no harm in having some fun alongside our routines.

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